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Bài dự thi của thí sinh [6]
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Chia sẻ với bạn bè

Have you ever thought of becoming a cook in the future?
 You might think that it is not a suitable job for you with selecting food in the supermarkets, following the recipes and so forth. How boring it seems to be!
At first, I myself felt terrible whenever entering the kitchen, too.  I preferred to go out or access to the internet rather than cook a meal. 
However, people have choices.
You can choose between cooking an evening meal yourself and going to the restaurant.
But what is the difference?
Clearly, when you cook, it’s you who choose the ingredients to put in the pot. You decide the quantity and quality also.
Conversely, you have to accept what the restaurant gives you, even though sometimes the food does not really satisfy you, or wasting your time by leaving and find another one. Moreover, it is difficult to ensure that the food you eat is prepared in highly hygienic conditions.
By the same token, you should be the master who is in charge of your own fate, not the God or anyone else in this wide whole.

    The magic to turn your life into an appetizing meal is in your hands. Once you decide to start to cook, you will find it. I myself had been searching for that magic for such a long time. 
Have been told a lot of fairy tales since I was a child, I usually dreamt of a handsome prince suddenly jumping into my world and then showered me with love and romantic things, which would make my life impeccable. 
However, there is no utopia in this world and in reality, a perfect hero doesn’t exist. 
I realized these facts since I was in sixth grade when fairy tales were not told anymore and my performances and marks at school really bothered me. I stopped worrying if my prince would appear in my dream at night and kiss me at first light before I woke up. I started to stay up late doing my homework and get out of the bed early to go to school on time instead. 

   Trouble at home, at school began to confront me and simultaneously, I became grown-up.
As time went by, the vicissitudes of life taught me a simple rule: "If you want something done right, do it yourself”. It turned out that nowhere could I find the magic for which I had been searching but in my heart, my desire. 
Now I live by a code- my own recipe to cook my life and I am sure that I am a better chef than the Destiny.
First, people cannot tell what the future may bring, it is a big question mark, but the more unpredictable it is, the more we need to prepare for it. We all need plans and directions. 
Who we are now and who will we become tomorrow? Our goals? How to achieve them? And so forth. By asking ourselves these questions, we will have a clear view of the future and easily make adjustments where necessary, because obviously, a good cook must know what she or he has for the meal and how to make it, which helps to assure that at least, in the end, she or he will something to eat, not ending up in nothing.
However, it is easier said than done.  It requires vision, logical reasoning, efforts to put your plans into practice and a firm stuff to deal with all cruel jokes Fate  may play on you. 
Sometimes, Fate put too much salt into your pot and things do not go your way, but it does not matter once you already know what you desire and keep move on. What you should do is to seize the initiative from the destiny. If it gives you too much sorrow and pain, you can somehow find way to get over such dreadful situations, adding more sweeteners to your pot by relaxing, enjoying yourself, spending time doing what you like, finding true happiness and some more adventures. By keeping your balance and following your plans, you can fix everything right when it goes awry. You decide, you create your world. Don’t let things go by destiny.
Next, "Always say yes” is my second rule. Opportunities come, some of those only appear one time in your whole life, hence why not say "yes” and give it a warm welcome with all your enthusiasm, like a chef who is open-minded, willing to try new ingredients.
    "Always –say- yes” – you will never miss a chance to challenge yourself with new situations, new difficulties from which you can garner knowledge, experience. It is also help you to discover yourself, your capability and improve your skills as well as your flexibility.
If you try, at least you gain something. If you don’t, you definitely gain nothing.
If you think you can do it, you can. If you think you cannot do it, you are right.
Just give it a try, you will never regret.
Interestingly enough, in the past, I detoured whenever I met a foreign while English was the subject I liked the most. The point was I did think that my pronunciation was too bad, which would make me a fool when speaking with foreigners. Hence, my English in communication got worse even though I already finished some English communication courses. A long time later, when I won a place in university, my mindset started to change. I realized my big mistake and I knew, I need to turn the tables by thinking out of the box, being more confident and saying "yes” to any chance I have to speaking English. 
I tried to comfort and embolden myself by telling myself a thousand times that: "I can do it. I know I can. It is not beyond the realms of possibility”. Yes! Not only did I make best use of all the opportunities, I sought for them also. I added to my contact list a lot of strange names and when talking, I even asked them to correct my pronunciation and gave me comments at the end of the conversations. Now, the fear of speaking English cannot be obstruction on my way anymore. 
Last but not least, I always look at the past to plan the future.
My mistakes yesterday better me today and help me to modify my plans.
My victories yesterday remind me how good I was and help to boost my confidence and positive thinking.
But on top of that, I look at my nation’s history to learn about patriotism and courage and our invaluable traditions.
Our country has to overcome uncountable upheavals and severe ordeals with millions and millions of heroes and heroines becoming legends. All provide me food for thoughts.
Fear, death, acute pain, diseases, hunger, grief and loss- nothing can stop them from fighting for a brighter tomorrow, for peace and for their ideals. They lived and died admirably.
Their lives set great examples for us – those who enjoy independence today. 
I wonder why during the wars, Vietnamese soldiers could operate all day night under severe conditions while a majority of students today, living in peace with high living standards don’t spend some more hours to study.
I wonder why during the wars, Vietnamese soldiers with antiquated military equipment could defeat such mighty enemies while a majority of students today with modern technology cannot fight against ignorance.
I wonder why during the wars, Vietnamese soldiers could leave their families and everything behind to save our country while a number of Vietnamese citizens today cannot resist financial gain working abroad.
I wonder why in the past why in the past, Vietnamese people had to sacrifice their lives for every centimeter of our homeland, while today, people are so apathetic to the environment: They are destroying our country day by day.


   I read the books of history feeling so proud of our nation’s past and I ask myself how to live up to what all the heroes and previous generations did for us. 
In my opinion, every Vietnamese citizens, especially the young, should ask themselves that kind of question because we owe the past too much and we need to pay off the debt as long as we are still consider Viet Nam as our homeland.
To sum up, if your life is a meal, let’s cook it by yourself. Take the initiative and do the best of your ability by always saying yes to any chance which comes to you and looking back to our great and magnanimous history to ignite the patriotism and national pride in your heart, your blood. 
Now I trying hard every day to cook my life the best I can. What about you? You dare to cook your life?

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Chuyên mục: Bài dự thi của thí sinh | Đăng bởi: ProStudent_2012 (01 Tháng Tư 2012) | Author: Bùi Thị Kim Thúy Email
Xem: 614 | Tìm nhanh: YOU DARE TO COOK YOUR LIFE? | Xếp hạng: 4.3/6

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